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Some time ago now, it became clear that Monty Don was a famous ex-rapper who we all wanted to see back in the game.

I was proud to play my part in collecting signatures for a petition to get him back behind the mic, and I’m prouder than proud – keen, even – to share the petition I collected here.

It’s got its own page in the Things section, or you can just click on the big Monty Dons here.

8 comments to The Petition

  • There are so many THINGS going on here but really it’s the same THING several times. That’s not a bad thing though.

  • There’s a lot going on, that’s for sure. Democracy is going on. Rap is going on. And a whole lot of people who have excellent names. Yes. They’re going on too.

  • Ian Mac Mac Mac Mac McIver

    I like that there’s a lot going on, it brings a smile to my tiny face. peaking of which, I think I may need a face update soon as I’ve had several more pairs of eyes grafted.

  • If there’s more eyes than on the last diagram, we all need to see an up-to-date indication of your eye status.

  • When I look in a mirror 85% of my face is now eyes, and that’s not taking into account the spare pairs I have in the cupboard. Some may say that I’ve taken it a little too far. I say I haven’t done enough yet.

  • I think that’s 15% of your face that is crying out for eyeing out. Get on it.

  • If my eyes ever write a biography that is what the title will be:

    ‘Crying Out for Eyeing Out’

    I do feel bad for that 15% of my face which is eyeless.

  • I’m sure it won’t stay eyeless for long. Not with your team of specialists carefully crafting you new eyes out of the raw material of other eyes.

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