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I mean, I’m as horrified as you are to discover that something we thought had come directly from Ian’s brain is actually real, so I apologise now for having to make you aware of this, but it has to be done.

Penny Vincenzi!

She’s out there, not just real but actually writing books. Presumably it’s the same publisher as Ian’s, turning out neatly-bound stacks of highly flammable product without regard for literary quality.

I searched the shelves of the bookshop in vain for anything by Sweet Petunia, but now I think about it, I didn’t check the gardening or self-help sections.

Please can we all be on the lookout so we know what we’re dealing with here. If characters from Ian’s brain are now real and writing books, there’s no telling where this will end.

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  • The “Penny Vincenzi!” exclamation came from picking random authors from the bookshelf at Granny P’s house and exclaiming them to see what worked. Many didn’t make the cut.

  • Yes but also characters from my mind are phasing into existence and you should ALL be worried when the ghost of Jerry Loinsford turns up.

  • Did it come from that, though? Did it? Or did Ian invent it and then, afterwards, you just told yourself that comforting story about it being a book on his mum’s shelf because that was easier to stomach than the horrifying truth – namely, that people he invented within his weird brain are now becoming real?

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