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So we’re approaching the end of October and it’s only fair that my face gets the attention it deserves.


I mean come on people, this beard doesn’t grow itself you know. Look at it; such a magnificent specimen of a clutter of face candy right there. That has inspired numerous people, including yourselves, to throw money at it in the aid of raising money. And what money has been raised? Enough for me to continue to hold my head high, even if it may be weighed down with the loveliness centred about my chin.

Let us all take a couple of minutes to ponder this before moving on with our lives.

4 comments on “Sponsor My Face

  • Is it going to take over your face again? It’s a good beard, to be sure, but we’ve all seen the devastating effect of letting it run wild. I hope you have the situation under control, that’s all.

  • It’s very much under c to the other to the n trol. That sucker is coming off as soon as someone invents some sort of device that can remove facial hair. Didn’t Bert Papps make one of them?

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