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What’s the biggest slide you’ve ever been down? I am asking because I have definitely been down a bigger slide than you and I am planning to smugly win this.

I have been down THIS slide.

It’s part of the weird red metal lumpy thing that was built for the Limpety Pinpicks in 2012. It takes 40 seconds to go down it and I spent a fair amount of that time saying things like WHEEEEE and AAAAAARGH and WOOHOOOOO.

It drops a total height of over 100m, which is the equivalent of a slide going down to the ground from the 30th floor. It is bigger than the biggest slide you have ever been down. I win. Ha.

15 comments on “The slide

  • As a slide I think this is very much flawed. It’s not very shiny smooth and your back would catch on the red bits as you came down. Overall v poor.

  • The slide is a shiny metal pipe supported by this giant red steel mess. You can see it twiddling down from the very top in the picture. My back caught on nothing. Overall v smooth.

  • I’m still not convinced it’s a slide. It looks like a high platform supported by steel twiddling girders. Have you been on a slide before? Is it like the pizza thing?

  • It is a high platform supported by steel twiddling girders. There is a metal slide twiddling down betwixt the twiddling girders.

  • That’s what someone who went down a fake slice would say.

    You’ll have to go back and take a photo mid-slide.

  • Your slice needs to buck up its ‘chude because, quite frankly, it isn’t good enough right now.

    Your slice is lacking in tang.

  • Am I young? I didn’t think I was. I thought I was cruising through “irrelevant to millenials” on my way to reaching “past it” in a few years’ time.

  • Not you, me. I’m young. It’s not all about you, you know.

    Look at me!

  • I’m looking at you and unfortunately I’m not seeing young. If you hadn’t asked me to look at you I might have just accepted your youngness, but now my inquiring eyes have given you a good ogling, I’m not so sure.

  • You don’t have any enquiring eyes. I checked yo specs and all you have is looking eyes, and nothing more.

    Don’t waste my time

  • I have an adapter for my looking eyes that turns them into inquiring eyes. But it came from the pound shop and it’s made of plastic and the instructions are in Korean and it makes my eyes hurt.

  • You should invest in some enquiring eyes. They’re well worth the money.

    Also YOLO.

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