Avatar This Way Up: Episode 1

I know, I know: you’ve been¬†waiting a long time. I’m sorry. But it’s finally here!

The long-awaited radio comedy debut of Reuben, Throckley Young Comedian Of The Year 2014 and three-time winner of “Funniest Person In Aud’s Living Room”, is ready to go.

(You can also download it if you like.)

Starring Reuben and Ian. Walk-on parts by Chris. A Pouring Beans Productions Production, probably.

13 comments on “This Way Up: Episode 1

  • This is me writing a comment, or a reply if you would choose to describe it as such:

    YAY! WOO! I will be listening to it with some ears shortly. This makes my cockles leap with delight.

  • This is me writing a reply to your reply or comment while listening to “Not So Manic Now” by Dubstar which has come on the radio:

    Excellent. I think these work much better in 15 minute episodes (or 17 minutes, which is what the two I’ve finished run to). I like them much more. Let’s rake in the millions now.

  • I like them because I’m in it and the last time I checked I like me. Well done you too for engineering this bastard.

  • #matesquared go us.

    If only there was a third person who could join in but nobody comes to mind. There was that guy once who loved doing up his house. Right said Fred or whoever.

  • Yeah, I sometimes think a third person would be good. I think you’re right, maybe there was someone once, but I can’t remember anything specific.

    Perhaps we should open up the character hatch and see if any of those guys want to join as the third Beans member.

  • If there was a third person, would they turn up all the time and comment on everything, or do you think they’d just turn up once a month and make three comments in a row on the same article?

  • … just to make up for not being here for ages? I think they might. I think that is a distinct possibility.

    I’m still all for the character hatch though. That totally lifts my skirt.

  • If your skirt’s in danger of being hoisted aloft then I’m out. Just the thought gives me the screaming habdabs.

  • The screaming habdabs? I thought it was the screaming abdabs. You’ve been away from Yorkshire too long.

  • Lets not do anything rash… There’s no need for the character hatch.

  • This recording will go down in history as having possibly the worst Sean Connery impression ever recorded.

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