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I recently got a new computer to play games on, and filled it with all the games I like to play. The games I most like to play are the ones I used to play when I was about 15. This includes one of my all-time favourites, SimCity 3000.

SimCity 3000 is full of silly jokes and unexpected references, and when I was 15 I didn’t get all of them. Coming back to the game in the last month or two, having not really touched it for perhaps the best part of a decade, a joke popped up that made sense to me for the first time, and it made sense thanks to one Kevindo F. Menendez and one Ian “Hotter Otter” McIver, who had kindly introduced me to a song the teenage Chris had never heard, and my life was all the better for it.

6 comments on “A lesson from the Commodores

  • This deserves all the chuckles. In fact, I’m throwing my allotted chuckle quota for the rest of the day at this joke. It’s so stupid, exactly my kind of joke.

    We may even need to ring a bell for it.

  • It’s totally stupid and I’m glad it gave you day-long chuckles. So much pleasure from one stupid joke written in 1998.

  • It is and I do.

    What I don’t know, at all, is what the hell the song is about. I can’t think of anyone I know who would want to be described as a brick…

    …house. It doesn’t sound flattering.

  • Maybe she’s just fecking massive! Like in “built like a brick sh*thouse”. I cant remember the song, is there a suggestion that the woman in question is popular?

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