14 comments on “A Lesson Learned

  • If we clubbed together to form some sort of team, would we be able to distract the dog and obscure its view of the trousers for long enough that someone could quietly remove the trousers?

  • Let’s not shy away from the main point here. Clearly you, as in you, did something to this dog and right now if I were you, I wouldn’t want to know you.

    Care to share with the group?

  • I reckon he visited Kev’s poodle grooming parlour one day and came away unhappy with his grooming. And now that aggrieved dog is out for revenge.

    And who can blame him? Grooming is an emotional business.

  • I’ve heard that if you get it wrong then the dog places a curse on you and that the only way to amend is to carry out a series of tasks. That would explain Kev’s prolonged disappearance.

  • Only time will tell. I should have waited for Kev to respond but I wanted to say something. So I have. So there

    *giggles with childish glee*

  • Whatever happens I know that I have a sealed copy of Skyward Sword hidden away that nobody knows about. Ha.

  • It IS isn’t it? Look at me and be inspired. I’ve got everything sealed in plastic and that’s how I enjoy living my “life”.

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