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There have been no posts to the Beans since the start of April, and it’s the 20th now. What does that tell us? Well, clearly, it indicates that there is nothing of any interest happening this month.

Instead, let us take this opportunity to look back at early 2007 and ask ourselves what was happening on this day in Beans History.

It was in April 2007 that Chris Industries International Ltd. was sold to Richard Branson and became Virgin Petcare. There was controversy over the choice of kestrel as word of the week. And the Saint King thrust himself upon a world that did not yet know his taste for underhanded deceit.

But April 2007 was rather a quiet month on the Beans, and that was because we were all still reeling from the release of a video that I thought I’d lost completely. It turns out I do still have one shoddy, over-compressed version that I am going to post here. Ladies and gentlemen, celebrating its tenth anniversary, I present Seeing Not Doing.

9 comments on “Beans Flashback

  • This sounds like a ‘Week of the Week’ but under a different banner. Is that true? Should you re-brand?

  • No. That’s not true. It’s more of a “Look At This Video I Unexpectedly Found Of The Week”. But that title was crap so I called it Beans Flashback.

  • I always love a good flashback, mainly because of my fondness for the video game ‘Flashback’. Sometimes I have flashbacks of ‘Flashback’, then I get a little confused and have to sit down for five minutes.

  • I’ve suspected it ever since you changed your name by deed poll to “Ian Flashback McIver”. That was the first clue.

  • I’ve just had a thought. I don’t think anyone ever declared another word of the week. Does that mean the word of the week has been “kestrel” for a decade now?

  • Yes. Except for Christmas week 2014 when it was “earwig”.

    That video made me realise how good our later works are.

  • This is my fourth comment about this post and I still haven’t watched the video. That makes me a bitch.

    Should we have a whirly gig as to what the new word of the week should be?

  • Yes, this is definitely no Newsboost. It’s barely a video at all. It’s just some things that happened near a camera.

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