11 comments on “Lawyers with attitude

  • Funny story, you remember wandering around an office in /20062007 when you came to visit me? It’s the same firm. Dickinson Dees changed to Bond Dickinson then merged with a US firm called Womble and they got a new name. It still makes me laugh because of the wombles.

  • Wait a minute, you used to work for Wombles and you never told us?

    I feel proud to know a man who is a Lawyer With Attitude. It explains a lot.

  • I was a womble for a long time, yes. Well, pre-womble womble if we’re being pedantic.

    I have plenty of attitude. I can pretend to be a lawyer if needs be but I may have to dress like ‘Posh Ian’ again.

  • YOU were a womble? Jesus, the revelations just keep coming. Did you ever get to meet Great Uncle Bulgaria? What was he like in real life?

  • If you look at my Twitter profile you will see the description, “21st century womble” so it’s not as if I have been hiding it from the general public. I’ve always been a bit of a womble.

  • I need to have a sit down. This is all too much. And if the sit down doesn’t help then it’s time to go for class A drugs. Please call the narcotics butler.

  • Thanks mate. I’ll have a little bit of everything, I think. China White’s Magic Blend. That usually takes the edge off at moments like this.

  • He’s gone the wrong way round the…

    NO, OVER HERE! We’re in… we’re in the other wing. Would you please bring the… YEAH, through the door and yeah keep going.

    Have a chapstick to keep you going.

  • That is absolutely – and I mean this, it really is – absolutely delicious. Thanks mate.

    If you can just get China White to pass close enough by that I can honk a bit of gak off his tray in passing then I’ll be golden.

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