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The world is reeling from the shocking and unexpected return of one of the most successful crooners of the 1980’s.

Award-winning one man laundromat Perry Chuffin is rumoured to not only be touring across the world in 2017 but also that not one but three new albums are expected by this time next year. The details are sketchy, and mainly come from a tall woman in a very quiet room about three miles away. Most importantly though if this is correct then it will mean an end to the self-imposed exile that Chuffin brought upon himself just after the turn of the century.

Chuffing retired in 2003 after almost three decades in the business, citing exhaustion and a general lack of distrust for the general public. He has rarely been seen outside of his multi-million dollar mansion, located on the cusp of Morley, West Yorkshire, except on occasional trips to the local Spar for lightbulbs and sandwich bags.

Chuffin’s manager, Drippy Peptide, has refused to comment at present although a full statement is expected to be issued by his management team after the Christmas period. Even though he has missed the lucrative festive market, the demand for a follow-up record to his quadruple platinum selling album ‘Hold Your Horses’ released in 2002 is so high that fans have pre-ordered this before it has even gone on the open market.

More news will follow as we hear it.

8 comments on “Newsboost – The Unexpected Return of Perry Chuffin

  • This is really exciting news. I was so disappointed when he began to feel all that lack of distrust for the public. As soon as he started trusting them we knew it was over. So if he’s started doubting what the public say then we’re on the right track.

    Is the tall woman in a quiet room near where you are? I’m pretty sure you’re in a small room about a mile away.

  • I actually forgot my own quote. Can you believe that? This is why I need a PA.

  • When you get a quote for a PA will you let me know so I can create a new quote about this? I also look forward to cracking off a couple of zingers based on this scenario.

    I love zingers.

  • I will. My quote will form the basis of your quote and with a bit of luck you’ll have a PA by then who can make a note of both quotes.

  • Will they like zingers? It’s imperative that they like, love, appreciate and will engage with zingers.

  • That job advert had so many zingers I have to get a PA to quote for the… hang on a minute!

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