Avatar Smidge on Science: Wind

You can feel the wind, can’t you? You can hold up your hand when you’re outdoors and feel it. But you can’t see it. Have you ever noticed that?

If you haven’t noticed that, then don’t feel bad. It’s just that you and I don’t have the keen scientific mind of Smidge Manly. He did notice that, and what’s more he tracked down a couple of experts who could help him, and you, the ignorant public, to understand why.

Rejoice, for the third episode of Smidge on Science is with us, and it contains an unexpected appearance from an old friend!

25 comments on “Smidge on Science: Wind

  • What was the pirate ship that Smidge was stood on at the end?

  • It was the Jolly Roger. Or possibly the Black Knacker. I forget.

    Either way the sudden and unexpected shot of Smidge on a pirate ship might be my favourite thing in this whole series. (Or it’s the bit in the Cars episode where he plays solitaire.)

  • Pirate ship all the way. You don’t see it coming and when it does you’re confused, bemused and in shoes all the way.

  • I’m going to write a book about it, and not one of those flimsy million selling self-help books I keep churning out.

  • Come come now, Chris, you’ve received signed first editions in the past. You’ve seen my sales figures. I bought you that yak. You can’t buy a yak without green.


  • I have received signed first editions, and I can confirm they burn just as readily as all the others. The yak was harder to set alight.

  • You’re literally burning money. The first signed edition I sent to you is worth at least 0.99p, and you got that for free, so you’ve sent ninety nine pence into the atmosphere.

  • I have watched this now, and its definitely my favourite of the series so far.

    Chris, did you get one of those handy Yak-Sacks for burning your Yak or did you try to do it raw?

  • That’s good news. I think wind is a strong episode. It’s a strong wind. The wind is strong. There’s a joke there somewhere.

    I didn’t have any Yak Saks, no, so I just had to keep lighting matches and holding them to whatever part seemed most flammable until eventually I could persuade it to stand in an old barn full of dry hay. That sorted it out.

  • You seem to have a habit of burning everything I send to you. What would you do if I sent you a fire?

  • I suppose that’s the end of that then. Bully for me.

  • (I was half-expecting you to say that you’d still try and burn it).

  • I took all the bully and left none for you. Soz. You’ll have to get yours from somewhere else.

  • Look at me. Look at me, all Bullyless. Look at me, lamenting my shortage of Bully.

    And now look at you. Look at you with all that Bully. Look at you, devising innovative space-saving storage solutions because you’re running out of places to put all the Bully. Look at you.

  • I’ve got more bully than a bull bully named Billy (what?)

    That sounds like a 2007 Ian remark that does.

  • Are you sure Ian hasn’t got it? He’s got a lot of bully. He’s brimming with bully. If you’ve managed to hold on to your woolly bully you’re doing very well.

  • Me and Janet go way back. I was stealing bread from her way back in ’97. Hitting the big time.

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