Avatar The end (probably) of #TapSaga

That’s it. It’s over. For now at least anyway.

If anyone ever suggests to you that changing the taps in the bathroom is a quick and easy way to ‘refresh’ your room, my advice is to punch them swiftly in the face.

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Let me give you a summary of what has gone on so far in #TapSaga in abbreviated bullet list format:

  • Our old bathroom taps were leaking and a bit manky so we decided to buy some more.
  • We went to B&Q to buy some we had seen on the website that were in stock.
  • They weren’t in stock.
  • We waited for them to come back into stock only to be told that they were no longer being manufactured.
  • We went to B&Q and bought some different taps.
  • I decided to fit the sink taps first as they were the easiest to get to.
  • In removing the first tap (the hot one incidentally) i managed to break the corner off of our 70ish year old ceramic sink.
  • I decided to super-glue the sink back together.
  • I super-glued myself to a sink for roughly 45 minutes.
  • I got upset and re-fitted the old, manky, drippy hot tap.
  • Sarah found a matching sink for sale on eBay.
  • I bought it.
  • The man I bought it from packaged it up so well it added an extra 7 kilos of weight and clearly marked it as fragile ceramic.
  • Parcelforce clearly mistook it for a football or something and promptly kicked it around a warehouse.
  • Parcelforce delivered a very smashed sink.
  • I got angry.
  • Parcelforce informed me that they do not cover for broken ceramic items.
  • I got very angry.
  • Subsequent attempts to purchase a second replacement sink have thus far failed.
  • Roughly a month passed.
  • We still have manky drippy taps.
  • I get fed up and decide to fit the new taps again, despite still having a broken, albeit mended, sink.
  • I decided to start with the bath as quite frankly I was scared of the sink.
  • I took the side off the bath and discovered I would have to dismantle the end of the bath panel to get it off.
  • In dismantling the end of the bath, I had to pull back the lino.
  • In pulling back the lino I damaged the silicone seal round the edge of the room.
  • In pulling back the lino I ripped the lino.
  • I got angry.
  • Having removed lots of wood and nails I eventually removed the bath taps.
  • I put in the new tap to discover that the threaded bit on the bottom was roughly an inch shorter than the old taps.
  • The pipework wouldn’t pull up to reach the new taps.
  • I got quite annoyed.
  • Leaving the bath alone for a while I decided to remove the sink taps in the hope I would have more luck there.
  • The old taps came out without issue.
  • I cheered up a bit.
  • I fitted the new taps.
  • They were around 2cm shorter than the old taps
  • The pipework would’t reach these either.
  • I got annoyed again.
  • I went to B&Q to buy some flexible tap connectors to replace the length-challenged pipework, and some silicone.
  • I forgot to buy the silicone.
  • One of the flexible connectors I bought wasn’t long enough.
  • I got very annoyed.
  • I went back to B&Q and swapped it for a longer one, and bought some silicone.
  • New taps were fitted and connected roughly 1 hour later.
  • I cheered up a bit.
  • I rebuilt the bath and made a new end panel.
  • I cut new panels to cover behind the sink pedestal
  • I put the lino back down
  • I glued the tear in the lino.
  • I replaced the silicone seal round the whole bathroom.
  • I forgot to seal round the radiator pipes.
  • This still need to be done.
  • I am past caring.
  • We have new taps.
  • I need new knees.
  • The sink is still broken.
  • The lino is now torn a bit.
  • I wish I’d never started.

So there you have it… #TapSaga is complete. At least it is until Sarah finds a replacement sink on eBay and I have to start again.

10 comments on “The end (probably) of #TapSaga

  • I enjoy the smug feeling knowing that I knew the sink before it was famous.

  • Yes, that’s a happy thought to hold on to. The filth from my very own hands has washed down that sink. I’ve probably leaned on it at some point too. I think you and I can feel rightfully proud of our close connection with this sanitary hardware.

  • So much of your hand filth was washed down into the darkest recesses of Kevin’s sewers, because that’s what they are. Kevin has dark recesses.

    I wish we’d gotten a photo now before all the chaos. You always come up with the best ideas too late, tsk.

  • I too long for the unbroken sink of old… The times we shared, let me tell you, you could write a book.


    Okay I’ll buy the VHS and then I’ll lend it to you, but you’ll have to rewind it yourself.

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