Avatar The last of the tang

I am a hoarder by nature.

I refuse to let go when others would be quite happy to throw those things away. I know this and in my own way I am doing my best to try and be a twenty-first century Womble of sorts.

There are times though when even I am powerless.

I wanted to finish it, I really did. I was going to get some custard and finish it off with dignity. In the end all it did was take up space in my freezer and now, many months later, if I tried to defrost and eat it then it would taste weird and probably give me some kind of stomach cramps.

Nonny no nay in my mouth-ay

I am sorry that I let you all down. I do like it tangy.

12 comments on “The last of the tang

  • I assume we’re supposed to know what this is? Please tell me its not lemon cake from Bridlington 6 months ago.

  • I think that’s exactly what it is, and I will be very disappointed if Ian didn’t at least defrost it and taste it before deciding to bin it. What if it was totally delicious after a year in the deep freeze?

  • Where exactly, on the 3D rendition of a Pac Man ghost that you apparently want for your gravestone, will that be written?

  • You know I say a lot of things and a lot of the time I don’t recall what it is I’ve said, even when there’s a recording to confirm this.

    Let’s put it across his eyes like Geordi’s visor in Star Trek TNG.

  • Now you’ve said that, any other idea just seems wrong.

    If I was Geordi LaForge, there’s no way I wouldn’t be catching up with some box sets on work time through my visor. Nobody could tell if I had a private screening of Squid Game happening in my secret vision bandana. Suckers.

  • This is why you’d be head of engineering and also the most knowledgeable member of the crew about the latest TV shoes, films and media. You’d be killer in the Wednesday night Enterprise quiz.

  • Are TV shoes all the rage in the 23rd century? I suppose if you can put a TV in anything you want you’ll end up putting it in a pair of brogues sooner or later.

  • Kev once put TV in those huge bags of tea that he buys. He forgot he’d done it, brewed up a pot, and after he finished his cup you could hear Krishnan Guru-Murthy calling everyone the c-word from his belly.

  • I heard that rumour. I also heard that Kev has a TV fitted to his bathroom ceiling so he can watch Thundercats while he’s having a soak.

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