6 comments on “The last pebble of August

  • And if it was, could you blame it? Crabs love beans of all kind, but I hear that cannellinni beans are the most sought after on the ocean floor.

  • If you’re a crab, right, and you, imagine it, right, you’re a crab, right, and you’re cooking for your lady crab wife, right, and you manage to find a tin of cannellini beans on the ocean floor, right, and you turn that into a tasty meal for two, right, with candles and schmoozy lighting, right, then you can guarantee you’re in for a wild crab night.

  • I’m pretty sure that is the storyline of every crab film ever made. And rightly so. Typically the crabs also attempt to light some romantic candles, but have to give up because they’re underwater.

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