9 comments on “Toot Hill Butts

  • If you’d been in the car with me and the boys you’d know this is entirely accurate and was probably placed as a warning to innocent passers by, unaware of the guffs they may receive.

  • I have to say that I thought I was above all this, but this week things in that department have been absolutely abominable. I blame nightshifts.

  • I’ve never been on a nightshift before however now I have this image of you sitting in your chair, doing your job and occasionally someone reaches over and stuffs a few chips wrapped in cheese in your mouth or maybe you have to take a bite of a panini before they lean back and leave you alone. Is that about right?

  • Earlier this year we discussed some of the Ianest things that had ever happened. I think now we can add to that list your assumption that any activity you haven’t experienced must, in some way, involve eating large amounts of food.

  • All I’m doing is putting two and two together. You’re blaming food for your chunderously bad guffs, and you’re not to blame therefore it must be someone else who is forcing you to eat these things. Even Poirot could work that out, mate.

  • No, I’m blaming nightshifts, which you should have gleaned from my statement “I blame nightshifts”. The bit about food was all you. Mate.

  • Look mate, I know you’re a mate but if you going to take that kind of tone, mate, you better not because otherwise, mate, we’re going to have words. MORE words than these.


  • No, mate, the thing is that sometimes even mates have to take a firm line with their mates, if their mates have stepped out of line. And you, mate, are bang out of line with all your food-blaming guff chat.

    So bring it on.


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