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This week I passed a statue of a great man on Woodford Green.


I stopped to admire it, and as I did so, I recalled the stirring words of what was probably his greatest ever speech:

“Iodine sandwiches; iodine sandwiches. Iodine sandwiches – iodine sandwiches, iodine sandwiches. Iodine sandwiches.”

Who among us could hear those words and fail to look around for a fascist dictatorship to defeat? Not I. That’s why I immediately set about decking anyone shifty I could see nearby.

Who have you decked recently, and why?

14 comments on “An moment of inspiration

  • I decked some acorns and stole their hats because I was pretending to be my hero, Joog.

  • It was the way they looked at me that spurred me to act. You know that look when they look at you but it’s more of a glare than a look?

    It was that. Pretty messy. I hurt my paws too.

  • What that response had was a big fat nen. What it should have had was first class comedy.

  • It was a bit of a blow, if I’m honest, but I’ll get through it with a little help from my friends and substantial financial compensation.

  • Compensation from who? The ‘Should’ve Been Funnier’ department?

    They have fierce opening hours.

  • No Christopher, they barred you because you call them too often, don’t you remember?

  • They’ll just tell you that you should’ve been funnier. Try the National Whinge Line instead.

  • I find that the National Whinge Line, or NWL as they’re known in close circles, do more whinging than listening when I call.

    I was on hold for half an hour once and when someone picked up they shouted, “Woe betide you!” and hung up.

  • … but there’s no gloomy portent line.

    Oh look, a gap in the market! #marketable

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