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Way back, many moons ago, there was a suggestion from myself that Chis and I had written to the RSPB to complain about the lack of dinosaurs. The conversation can be found in the comments below the post An Admission of Sorts, a summary is included here:

“It is a letter that needs to be sent. I imagine that much like the one me and Chris wrote to the RSPB about the lack of dinosaurs at Fairburn Inngs, it will be ignored, but it must be sent nonetheless….”


“Two things are needed here… The second is more information about the letter to Fairburn Ings, which I have no memory of.”


“Is the letter mentioned on here, Kev?”


“I’ll have a chumble[sic], it feels like it should be.”


It wasnt. There was no mention of it which led to comments such as…

“Maybe the right thing to do now is ask whether it happened at all, or whether it’s some sort of weird dream.”


Well today, I have BIG NEWS. I found it. Just the letter mind, sadly the enclosed drawing must have been a one off and is lost to the mists of time. It’s a doozy let me tell you.

Sadly Mr. Steven James never received a reply to the RSPB, it’s almost as if they didn’t take us seriously.

Clicken for Big.

In a side note, the little bit in the comments below the throw away bit about a letter that might not exist, is an excellent little ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ riff from Chris and Ian. Well done chaps, it made me lols all over again.

15 comments on “Letter to the RSPB

  • I have literally no memory of this whatsoever, but I am absolutely delighted by it. What a brilliant idea. I can’t believe they never replied, and after we we so polite as well.

  • We try, or in this case you both do, to tick off every single box.

    Write a letter to the RSPB about dinosaurs? Tick.
    Pretend never eaten a pizza before? Film it and tick.
    Ever shaved a pie before? Tick

    We have achieved so much over these 14 years that we so deserve an award for doing what everyone else was scared of doing.

  • Also, isn’t it common knowledge that birds descended from dinosaurs? It’s not even a tenuous link, your suggestions were based on scientific fact. I’m pretty sure Kevin Hill Science Master could back us up about this.

  • I don’t know if 2009 Kev and Chris knew that, but we certainly sensed it. Nowadays it’s verging on irresponsible for the RSPB not to fill their ings with dinosaur exhibits.

  • I wonder how many other ings there are in the UK. Fairburn Ings is the only ings I’m aware of, to my shame. I should brush up on my ings knowledge now I have more time on my hands.

    Now, more than ever, I should encourage the loving embrace of the ings.

  • We all need an ings, if only to mention it occasionally, rendering the sentence it’s in completely impossible to understand.

  • I typed ‘ings’ into Google and it brought up some football player instead. What is the world coming to?

    In fact, the whole first page is about him. No other ings are visible.

  • Is Fairburn Ings a football player, then? That explains why it hasn’t got dinosaurs in it. Football players are not normally filled with dinosaurs because it would make them worse at kicking.

  • I expect he got bored of sitting in Fairburn with no-one to talk to so he took a leaf out of my page, following the recent admission of my American Football career, and decided to be a semi-successful sportsman thing. Good for him. Maybe he’s a man robot with dinosaurs inside working the pedals.

  • This is getting very complicated. I thought an Ings was just a place with water and birds and the potential to host animatronic dinosaur exhibits. If it’s all about robot footballers then I’m out. I’ll spend my time at less demanding wildfowl sanctuaries, thank you.

  • Now, more than ever, I think Kev should send another letter to the Ings (the place, not the cyborg footballer) asking about the dinosaurs. In fact, if all three of us did surely that would make them pay attention?

    Also, cyballer?

  • He should. This one should include more diagrams. It should also begin by referring to the first letter and asking why such eminently sensible correspondence was not granted the courtesy of a reply.

  • I’m not holding my breath. Mr Steven James is a busy man. He has a lot of wired abbabs to shift.

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