Avatar Snippets of Flim-Flam – Work Edition

In work as in the rest of life there is much flim-flam, here are some snippets of it:

…and all seems well, however we’ve still got a lot of accounts which don’t have …


…Robert was the person that cleared the log files back in April I am not 100% sure which ones he cleared but that being said…


…change the theme back from a new electric theme to the current one.  I changed it against the system admin account by accident…


…regarding the prices…


…stated on that page. In the near future we will need to reconsider that as it wasn’t possible …


…to demonstrate that staff have received proportionate and reasonable training…

Thrilling I’m sure you’ll agree.

19 comments on “Snippets of Flim-Flam – Work Edition

  • I’m not sure what I’m reading here however I would like to buy the movie rights.

  • It’s always pleasing to see a team of hard-working colleagues making good use of the Flim Flam key.

    This makes me a bit nostalgic for the days we could categorise things as being Stolen From Work.

  • THAT happened many moons ago. Clearly you’ve got theft on the mind and I shall be locking away all my valuables for the foreseeable future.

  • When you go to lock up your valuables you’ll find them all gone. They’re already in my lockup full of stolen goods and knock-off tat.

  • Can you steal bits of conversations? I suppose technically you can, but how would you store them? Do they get dusty? Do they get quieter with age?

  • You can steal bits of conversations but I don’t. There’s no money in it. It’s Ian’s valuables that I’ve swiped.

  • Is there any money in doing that either? Although I guess there’d be a lot of fun Lego sets to UNWRAP and PLAY with.

  • Yes, I take the Lego sets for myself, TAKE OFF THE CELLOPHANE and BUILD THEM as GOD INTENDED. The rest of it is all original pressings of indie music on vinyl which I take to a plastic recycling plant and get 5p a kilo for them.

  • Everyone knows that it is Madge’s vinyl that’s kept in the Lego cupboard. Ha ha! My previous plastic is safe!

    … wait, what?

  • I once put a tape on a record player and heard the voices of voices from a forgotten time. It lulled me and then I drank a can of Tizer.

    … wait, what?

  • You could say then that you are peachless. Unless you have a peach about your person.

  • PEACH! PEACH! Someone give this man a peach.

    Today I feel a bit speechy. Wait, what?

  • You never want to know anything about my bits. I just don’t get it. What is it with me?

  • I did, and I read, and I pondered, and lastly I hurt.

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