Avatar No mangoes in the server room

You will remember, of course, that this was some excellent advice from Kev, who is an IT magician and retailer of high-quality wireless abbabs.

I have, therefore, put up signs enforcing this rule at work.

I was just going to take pictures of my new signage and then take it down, but when I actually put it up, I decided I liked it, so it’s now going to stay there permanently. It’s a good rule. Safety first.

5 comments on “No mangoes in the server room

  • I approve of this whole heartedly, and intend to do the same to our server room at work… once I’m allowed to go near it!

  • Has anyone commented on it yet? Or have the all assumed it is some new rule relating to ‘some guy who isn’t on their shift’?

  • I haven’t actually been in work since I did it, so I don’t know. I’m going to check it’s still there next time I’m in. And if it’s not I’m going to put a new one up.

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