12 comments on “This Way Up: Episode 2

  • This surprised me. I was not expect this this soon. This soon is sooner than soon. Congratulations!

  • Beans! You needed the beans. That’s selfishly admirable. What you have given back cannot be estimated with fingers and toes alone.

  • Shut up, Newsboost. Unless you’re giving us news nobody gives a rat’s ass about your opinion.

  • It is both interesting and poignant that this “Newsboost” fellow has the same avatar as you. What a coincidence!

  • He couldn’t find his own so he stole mine. He doesn’t a rat’s or anyone else’s ass.

  • I look forward to receiving a rat’s ass and I hope it comes tied in a pretty pink bow and surrounded by glowing cat faces.

    It’s been a dream of mine since childhood.

  • Is it possible to have Mamma MaCootchie surgically removed? (From time)

  • She’s not going anywhere. Despite travelling through time and space she has returned and refuses to leave again. I see big things for her in the near future, and possibly a chat show deal.

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