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It’s almost two years since we all joined hands and took an emotional journey underneath my car. Two years of laughter, tears and general wear and tear. Two years of usage in all weathers.

There has, naturally, been a clamour from people of all nationalities and faiths to know what’s become of the underside of my vehicle in the intervening time. And who am I to stand in their way? So a couple of weeks ago, I returned my car to the same garage who made the first weird video and asked them for a full service.

Service completed, another weird video of the underside of my car was duly texted to my phone, and I have spent an afternoon trying to download it from a website that has been very specifically and cleverly designed to prevent videos being downloaded. I then set it to stupid music.

Here we are then. Join me once more as we go… underneath my car one more time.

Underneath Chris’s Car 2020 FAQ

Q. The tread depth looks a bit low on the front tyres, is that OK?

A. Yes, I know. But they have at least another half a year on them so it’s fine. I’ll get them sorted later.

Q. Why was there no Underneath My Car video in late 2019/early 2020?

A. I don’t know. My car had a service but they didn’t make me a video. I was genuinely a bit disappointed about it.

Q. How did the MOT go? This was its first MOT wasn’t it?

A. Yes it was. You’ll be pleased to know that my car passed with flying colours.

Thank you.

10 comments on “Underneath my car 2

  • This is superb, the music doesn’t match the video at all. It’s energy is still impressive and difficult to ignore. The fact that it starts once more a fraction of a second before the end is the icing on an already scrumptious cake.

  • It’s almost like I edited it in a rush and didn’t bother watching through to the end before I exported the file.

  • Christo M. Fury works at speed and without concern for quality. All that matters is the glory and the immortality of posting a stupid video of a car.

  • Perhaps you could post a video taking us Underneath Your Bison? That’s something I’d watch, especially if it had a jiggy soundtrack that wasn’t very well looped.

  • (did a big laugh)

    I’m not sure if he’d be up for that, it would be quite an intrusive video and even though Blam (that’s his name) is quite an exhibitionist it’s not something he’s ever expressed an interest in.

  • Blam the Bashful Bison, eh? Well, if there’s a chance you can capture him on film in a more demure way, I’d still be up for watching that.

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