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We’re all on the lookout for a flexible workspace these days. Somewhere you can just sit down, maybe order a latte, open your laptop and, I don’t know, edit a podcast or grow a hipster beard or something.

The other day, while exploring an area I hadn’t visited before down in the sub-basement of the 1930s part of the building at work, I found an excellent flexible workspace and wanted to share my find with you. Here it is.

As you can see, it’s pleasingly raised above the general floor level, offering a sense of superiority and a view over all the people working nearby (or water heating machinery; I think it was mostly water heating machinery and sewage pipes you could see from here). It also has many useful features:

  • A light, so the workspace has excellent all-over lighting levels
  • A railing, so it’s very safe
  • A calming white/grey colour scheme
  • A red pipe

Obviously I’m claiming first dibs on this, and will be moving in there first thing Monday with my laptop to grow a podcast and edit my beard. But if you want to book a slot yourself, just get in touch.

18 comments on “Flexible workspace

  • This reminds me of Office II, back in the good old days when nobody had kids or money and all we did was hang about outside a lift looking at Onion Hags.

    Also, is the wall a hologram? Have you checked?

  • I mean, its not a patch on Miggins’ gaff, but if we’re ruling that out now on moral (anti otter hunting) grounds then I suppose this will have to do.

  • The wall is not a hologram. I can confirm, having ascended the staircase, that the wall is 100% made of wall.

  • That’s a shame. There could have been prime booty hiding behind that wall. Have you tried searching for secret buttons to reveal hidden passageways?

  • I have not tried, no. I have a lot of podcasts to edit over here. This is a flexible workspace, not a flexible hide and seekspace.

  • Could you not edge your cheeks backwards whilst you’re editing (not edging) your podcasts to see if your bum presses any secret brick buttons?

  • Could the wall just be a projection by your mind to stop you seeing the very real horrors on the ‘other side’?

  • That’s a first, Chris having horrors of the mind. Given that his idea of heaven was cups of tea in a quiet place, his idea of horror would be a kettle with no plug and children screaming, “WIGS!” in his ears every thirty seconds.

  • Your mind projected the wall onto the wall and then you photographed it. Using your mind.

  • I’ve now visited the flexible workspace again, this time edging my ass carefully towards it, and I can report that the wall is not a projection by my mind because it is resistant to incursions by ass cheeks.

  • Oh, that’s a shame. No booty for you. You’ll have to go plundering elsewhere.

    Also cheeks.

    Also incursions by ass cheeks sounds like an album and band I would listen to.

  • It’s a shame in some ways, but very reassuring in others, because I don’t really want my mind to be projecting non-existent walls into the air. I want my brain, and my mind, and indeed my ass cheeks, to behave according to the laws of physics, as far as possible.

  • Unless you have evidence to the contrary, I would ask you not to libel my sweet ass or its innocent cheeks.


  • That’s disgusting. Why would you say that? You kiss your hot girlfriend with that mouth? Eugh, it’s people like you that really make me wonder why more flavours of pasties don’t exist.

  • They don’t exist because we don’t deserve them.

    And by “we”, I mean both myself and my sweet ass.

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