Avatar Isolation – North-East Edition

You will never believe what just happened to me! The short version is that I am currently being paid to not work. I am at home right now not working. If I try to work I will be shouted at profusely so I am sat not working on a beanbag listening to the radio.

The year 2020 has been a strange one so far and it continues to get weirder the more we slide through it. The outside world is still there, I can see it, through the big windows in the living room, and it looks fantastic. I reckon that for the moment I am going to stay here and admire it from afar. Besides, it looks a little chilly and I’ve got this patch of dry skin on my hands that the low temperature will not do any favours for.

I have decided to try and do one drawing, sketch or doodle a day for something to look forward to and possibly upload on Twitter (the Book of Faces does not deserve my “talents”) for the world to admire. I hope to have a wall of my efforts with which I can look back on and laugh slobbily, possibly sell to some passing rich aristocrat (they’re always using the footpaths round here) and then retire to the country, doing the same thing I’m doing now, but with a little more style, panache and some hot ladies in a hot tub serving hot drinks.

Look at me and be inspired.

15 comments on “Isolation – North-East Edition

  • Git.

    I’m being paid to work as close to full time as I can, whilst also looking after two small children.

    I envy the childless right now.

  • My rota has changed entirely so I’m now working more and longer shifts in the next couple of weeks than I would have been before.

    Draw a picture for me.

  • I envy the childless too. When he’s round here every hour I keep getting asked the same question, “when do we eat next?”

    Yes, karma does have a sense of humour.

  • How much do you envy you, as in you? Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to find one of your hands gripping a knife against your neck, waiting to do something you’ll regret?

  • That’s a very violent envy, of the sort probably practiced by Liam Neeson or one of those types of fellow. My self-envy, or “sel-env”, is more about secretly watching myself and resenting how great my life is secretly and from afar. That usually takes the form of me covertly watching myself in a mirror using binoculars.

  • It’s a difficult concept to get your head round and clearly I took it too far (once again).

    My only question is what happens when you, as in you, catch yourself in the middle of a bit of sel-env?

  • You always take things too far, which is why the unit of distance measurement of one “Ian” is officially defined as being “too far”.

  • I am happy to be part of history this way. It makes me proud to officially always go “too far”. If I didn’t, who would?

  • Nobody would. And that is your purpose in life. To see how far it’s appropriate to go, and then to casually saunter past that point to see what else is there and how annoying it is.

  • Chris, with your self-env methods, I think you may have stumbled onto the method by which that Gary Wilmot/Smidge Manly hide-and-seek program concept Ian came up with would work.

  • Interesting thought. Does this elusive Gary Wilmot figure, who I’ve never heard of, practice the ancient art of self-env?

  • Everyone envs Gary Wilmot but he doesn’t because he’s so nice and nobody hates him. One of these days I’m going to find him and get him to send you a video message, like a boss.

  • You’ll have to get him to mention who he is at the start of it, because I don’t think I’d recognise him.

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