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  • What is “widdy”? Is “widdy” an adjective? As in, “my word, Lorna, what a delightfully widdy bit of haddock this is”?

  • I toyed with the idea of a full post but thought better of that because I’m an important man with important things to do.

    ‘Widdy’ is short for Widdrington which is the village where the chip shop is located although I prefer your version. ‘Widdy’ is entering my vocabulary and staying there for good.

  • Widdrington isn’t real. That can’t be real.

    The talent of Geordies to abbreviate more or less anything is impressive. Widdrington? How about Widdy. Gateshead? How about Gatesy. St James’s Park Football Stadium? How about Saintjamesesparksy.

    What a gift.

  • You have to admit that Widdrington is far too long for its own good and needs to be shortened somehow. You would probably go in the other direction and add an ‘ingtons’ on the end of it making it a double ‘ingtons’ for good measure. Swine.

  • It is. I would suggest breaking it up into three separate towns, to be called “Widd”, “Ring” and “Ton”. That would be far more manageable. You could then have the Widdy Chippy, the Ringy Chippy and the Tonny Chippy, and we’d all know where we were.

  • Three chippys would be excessive and welcomed with open arms in equal measures. I live nowhere near Widdy and I can imagine that the life expectancy in the area would go down after that but wow, what a time to be alive.

  • I expect the people dying of excessive cholesterol levels would be rapidly replaced with more people turning up to enjoy the chippy-saturated environment, so life expectancy wouldn’t be a major issue. What I’m saying is, let’s get those chippingtons open.

  • I suggest we make that the marketing slogan for the town’s tourist promotion department.

    “Widdy! There’s more fat in the fryer.”

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