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No, don’t look at me like that. I am not retconning anything so you can put your tut books away and save them for something else on the internet.

Now look at me a different way, in a more pleasing manner. There, that’s much better.

‘Innerspace’ is a 1987 film by Joe Dante, the guy who directed Gremlins. It starred Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan and Martin Short. In it, Dennis Quaid gets shrunk down (“shranken”) for scientific reasons and accidentally injected into Martin Short. This then continues for approximately two hours with gleeful comic elements a-plenty. I even believe that this is one of my sister-in-law’s favourite films. I have fond memories of watching this as a child and believe it still holds up today (it also includes everyone’s fondest actor’s actor – Robert Picardo a.k.a the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager).

So what’s going on then? What am I trying to change? A friend recently told me that he had never seen it so I decided to treat him to the blu-ray. That said, when it arrived in the post there was something amiss. The title didn’t quite fit with me so after a few modifications using paper and glue I believe I have fixed it.

I’m not asking for every single copy to be changed only that sometimes it should be referred to by its “correct” name.

13 comments on “Changing the past

  • Robert Picardo is a hero. What would Voyager be without him? I’m not sure about the rest of this post because I skimmed it but I think that’s the main point.

  • Is it also going whistles? A true Robert Picardo Appreciation Post, or Ropicappo, would be going bells and whistles simultaneously.

  • If your bag can whistle then that is one fancy bag. I had a school bag once that could deposit items on the floor, because I used it so long it had holes in the bottom. But it couldn’t whistle. Or if it could it never did it when I was around.

  • I’ve never heard of Robert Picardo, but in one google image search manages to have a face that looks like many other people at the same time. HE looks a bit like:

    – A young Professor from Back to the future
    – Frasier AND Niles Crane
    – Ben Kingsley (in one picture where he has a gotee)

  • It was post-briefcase. The briefcase was in year 7 when I had no self awareness and an apparent immunity to the bullying that resulted from me plainly inviting bullying by carrying a briefcase around. This was a black Adidas rucksack that I only replaced when it had deteriorated to the point where it was basically a tube and could no longer hold anything at all.

  • Kev’s comment at 10:05 for contender of post of the year. It’s a zinger that comes out of nowhere and leaves a blistering sheen. Best head to the burn unit, Chris, or you’ll be in trouble.

    Also, Professor from Back to the Future? Do you mean Doc Brown?

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