Avatar Mr Cockall – Covid 19 Edition

Hello Mr Cockall.

What have you done?


What did you do?


Now that the government is possibly looking to split the country into three different tiers of lockdown, what are you gonna do about it?


15 comments on “Mr Cockall – Covid 19 Edition

  • I’d like you to know that I sang this out loud when I first read this post, and I enjoyed it very much.

  • I thought it was THE LAW to sing Mr Cockall posts. I do it every time. Has it been optional all along?

  • I note, by the way, that in 2014 we all agreed to leave all the running jokes and characters of the Old Beans on the other side of the Character Hatch™. I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you how Mr Cockall came to be with us for this post, and whether you opened the Character Hatch™ to let him out.

  • There’s a story behind that:

    Before the Character Hatch TM was finally closed, Mr Cockall met a lovely women and engaged in a frivolous and lusty affair which culminated in the conception of a very small Cockall. Whilst he may not walk the ground above, he does sneak out once a year and sings a poignant, tear-inducing song for his daughter, Christie.

  • But – and I’m sure you know this – the Character Hatch™ is locked and the characters beneath it cannot open it to get out. That is the point of the Hatch™. So how does he sneak out once a year? Is someone opening the Hatch™ for him?


  • I’m only human, for Pete’s sake! He was singing tunes through a straw that he poked through a tiny hole in the Character Hatch TM to his tiny baby daughter. If you had a heart you would understand you bitter old scarecrow.

  • If that’s your irrespnsible attitude towards the Hatch™ then perhaps we’ll just have to brick it up this time. Then there will be no straws, no baby daughters, no tunes and absolutely no scarecrows. It will just become the Character Wall™, its horrors forever invisible and inaudible to us.

  • I certainly have and I will waggle them if I want to. Right now I’m waggling them at the realisation that if Mr Cockall has a tiny baby daughter outside the Character Hatch™, then he has been ramping, and his ramping either happened outside the Hatch™ or through it somehow.

    Actually, that’s an awful thought. I’ve stopped waggling.

  • I disagree. I think we should brick it up so his waggling does not extend through to this side of the Hatch™.

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