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Over in that there showbiz land, rumors are floating about that Legendary music producer Nizzle has been in pre-production meetings with none other than PB’s own Smidge Manly.

Nobody is really sure what the secret project could turn out to be, but the pair collaborating on an album would seem to be the likely outcome.

Showbiz land reporting scumbag Barney Gristle, recently found a discarded USB stick when he tripped and fell gloved hands first into Nizzle’s trash can. He claims contains early drafts of the pairs’ work. Newsboost has a secured a world wide exclusive reveal of a clip, right here:

I think we can all agree that this is truly exciting news.

21 comments on “Newsboost – Showbiz Rumor Mill

  • This is so thrilling I can feel my viso/volto going into overdrive. Whatever that means.

    When will we know more?

  • This is incredibly exciting. Is it possible this is Smidges long-promised double album of 80s covers, “Double Bugger”?

  • Come on lad, don’t leave us hanging like a couple of chestnut coconuts.

  • I’m not sure when we will see whatever it is that they are up to, but I’d imagine it will be in time for the “International Day of Older Persons” as no self respecting artist would want to miss that key sales period.

  • Sweet soda of pagoda! Is it almost that time already?

    I need some bunting and FAST.

  • I heard that Smidge wants to hold his album launch party on a barge at Bingley Five Rise locks. It promises to be a wild tea and biscuit-fuelled party that will probably continue well past 6pm.

  • Two per person. They will be specially embroidered so that Smidge’s face appears in the lacy bit in the middle.

  • That’s so good I almost want one even though I’d completely resent it.

    I once caught a posho with a series of doilies.

  • We all want doilies. Maybe the first thing we should ask this “Dave” is how he supplies such stylish and refined merch.

  • Oh and a provocative candy Tizer for the lady.

    I’ve got change from a fifty seven pound mote if it helps.

  • I didn’t think they made fifty seven pound motes any more. I’ve got a postal order for zero pounds and twenty thousand pence if they’ll accept that.

  • How many Ghandis do you have though, Kev?

    They still do make plenty of motes, or at least motes which other people are not aware of. My wallet is fit to busting with motes!

    I’ve got a negative seventeen pence piece if anyone is interested.

  • Aye, now. right then. Only trouble with Dave it that. He like to be paid in actual currency. Ont’ t’other hand Erotic Milkshake are one of his specialties, in fact that’s how we met. Long story that. One for another day.

  • My milkshake doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard. It sits in the corner sipping a warm orangina, hoping it hasn’t got any overdue library books its forgotten about.

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