Avatar Smidge-tastic Advert Break – MK 2

I feel as though I may be out of the loop again.

There I was, walking around the streets of Carlisle in the rain like Sadsack from ‘Raggydolls’, when I came across this advertisement in the window of a pharmacy:


We are all aware of the Finnish authentic / fake advert for Coco Loco posted last year, which illegally used Smidge Manly’s likeness to sell coconut oil, yet this is news to me.

Not only does the image look nothing like him but the paparrazi seem to have caught Smidge on a particularly bad day. It is the kind of picture you would see being pushed through the newspaper tabloids under some abusive headline like, “Smidge Piles on the Pounds on the beach,” or, “Sensational Smidge Photos will shock your senses!”

I would suggest some sort of lawsuit immediately because this level of misunderstanding at worst and sensationalism at best should not be tolerated. I am calling my solicitor, Mr James Titan, once I have finished writing this.

4 comments on “Smidge-tastic Advert Break – MK 2

  • I’m not sure that’s Smidge Manly. If you ask me, that’s actually a photograph of a Smidge lookalike, though I think they’ve photoshopped it to make it harder to spot.

    Smidge-a-likes are big business these days, especially in seaside resorts.

  • Didn’t you used to run a side gig smuggling Smidge-a-likes into the country?

  • Oh okay. I just need to ummm bank that envelope you’ve just handed me at the envelope bank and then we can carry on not talking about it.

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