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After last year’s expedition to Finland, in order to drum up some of our European cousin’s interest in the Beans, I decided that a further visit should be arranged in order to follow up some of the key points of interest. Indeed, some might say it was quite reckless of me to fly out to […]

User avatar Welcome to 2005!

Welcome to the scary new world of 2005, George Bush has just been re-elected over in the USA, Former Nazi Pope Benedict has been elected the new Pope, Charles and Camilla are to marry and a new video service called YouTube is launched.

Being at the forefront of all that is technological here at the […]

User avatar Railways with Smidge Manly

Railways! What are they, anyway? In this incredible new documentary, TV personality Smidge Manly hopes to find out.

You can watch it online here or on the Pouring Beans Productions Vimeo page.